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Calathea Roseopicta
Calathea Roseopicta
Calatheas have some of the most colorful and attractive foliage out there. While they're easy on the eyes, they can be a bit dramatic for some people. These ladies need high humidity and will throw a fit if you let them get dry for too long. Did we mention they like filtered, distilled or rainwater? Don't worry, if you follow the above instructions, your Calathea "Dottie" will never have a brown leaf and live a long, healthy, happy life. Hard to find variety. 

*Non toxic*

Care tips:
-These ladies can tolerate lower lighting and does not like direct sun what-so-ever. Calathea live at the bottom of the topiary, mostly as ground cover so think about how those direct sun rays never really reach the jungle floor. 
-Be sure to follow our advice of giving your calathea "bougie" water like rain or distilled and never let your babe dry out completely. Once the topsoil is dry about 2" down, give her a good soak and please, make sure she's always in a pot with drainage. 
-Humidity, humidity, HUMIDITY! Did we mention they love humidity?

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