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04/26 Cactus & Succulent Terrarium

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FRIDAY April 26th 6PM-730ish

Arid plants are some of our favorites and making little desertscapes truly make our hearts sing! This class features an open style glass terrarium bowl or dish with planty of cactus and succulents to create a true desert oasis! Please be sure to have southern or western sun exposure for your sun-loving plants or grow lights to ensure proper health and happiness. We will discuss proper arid plant care and maybe you'll feel inspired to visit Colorado's annual Cactus and Succulent show hosted by our friends from CCSS April 27th and 28th! 

Lots of materials provided in this class and an array of arid plants. Chill vibes guaranteed.  

All classes are held at the ReRoot Studio/Classroom which is located in Five Points (this is not our brick and mortar location but it's nearby!), address and more info will be disclosed in a separate email one day prior to the class. Parking is available at this location. 

Our classroom is located on the second floor and there is no elevator

No refunds for no shows.