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6/24 Psychedelic Mushroom Cultivation w/ Mighty Mountain Mushrooms

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Thanks to Prop 122 psychedelic mushrooms have been decriminalized in Colorado. One more reason to love this state. Learn about these medicinal mushrooms, including various varieties, various cultivation methods, common pitfalls, and how to store and prep this medicine.

Class fee includes a grow kit (mushrooms not included)

About Mighty Mountain Mushrooms:
Helo, my name is Isaiah Chavez and I'm a local mushroom cultivator here in Fort Collins. My passion for mushrooms began a few years ago when I was crippled and stuck in a wheelchair, suffering from full body convulsions. After exhausting every option for medical treatment, I turned to mushrooms. Currently, they're the only reason I'm walking around today and I've devoted my life to them since. 

Instagram: @mightymountainmushrooms

All classes are held at the ReRoot Studio which is located in RINO (this is not our brick and mortar location but it's nearby!), address and more info will be disclosed in a separate email one day prior to the class. Parking is available at this location. 

No refunds for no shows.