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10/27 Spooky Shower Bundle

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Our traditional shower bundle workshop but with a spooky twist!! Featuring special spooky flowers like black leather roses, blood red eucalyptus and more! Perfect for any vampire who needs some spooky self care. 

One of our most beloved products we handmake is our shower bundles. Bringing a unique shower experience, our shower bundles are the ultimate self care treat! Eucalyptus' potent aroma mixed with seasonal herbs and flowers arranged together creates a magical, aromatic bundle that lasts a month or longer. Learn how to build your own and the special properties of each flower as we arrange and play with flowers. 

Complementary bevs included.   

All classes are held at the ReRoot Studio which is located in FIVE POINTS (this is not our brick and mortar location but it's nearby!), address and more info will be disclosed in a separate email one day prior to the class. Parking is available at this location. 

No refunds for no shows.