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Hoya Krimson Queen Tri-Color
Hoya Krimson Queen Tri-Color

We are big time hoya lovers over here! This cultivar is known for it's variegation, the "queen" variety has pink and white variegation on the margins of the leaves. Pink tones become more vibrant with sun exposure and will fade in lower light. A great plant for many types of plant parents, these ladies are great communicators... when their mature leaves go soft- it's time to water. Give your hoya leaves a feel and see what we mean! 

*non toxic*

Care tips:
-This species can tolerate some direct sun, east, west or sometimes southern exposure is ideal.  
-Only water when soil is totally dry and mature leaves have gone slightly soft.
-These ladies do not like temperature change, watch for drafty windows and heat/ac vents.
-Hoya are not fond of repotting, sometimes it can be perfectly fine to leave them in their plastic nursery pots for quite some time. When you do repot, use a coarse, porous soil medium. 

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