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Monstera Deliciosa
Monstera Deliciosa
Ahhh, one of the most classic houseplants you could own. Perfect choice for a beginner or the experienced plant collector, Monstera Deliciosa is a staple in any home. Highly recommend repotting into pots with drainage, a high-porosity soil mixture and if you want to get really crazy, why not give her one of our 2ft moss poles?  

4"- all have new growth, no splits or holes yet
6"- all have new growth with at least one split leaf

Care tips:
-Medium might is ideal, meaning, a good east or west window. Higher, brighter light (without too much direct sun) encourages the plant to get more splits and bigger leaves. Sure, these guys can tolerate a low light setting but make sure you water accordingly. 
-It is very important not to overwater your monstera and ensure that soil is totally dry between waterings. We like to give our Monstera ladies a good 2-3 min shower, under room temp water about every 10-14 days depending on light. The shower method is great for keeping the dust off the leaves and simulates a good rainfall, like Monstera receive in their natural habitat. Keep in mind, if you choose to water your monstera this way you do not need to water as often as this is a heavy soak. We do not recommend this watering method for all plants, please do you research beforehand (or ask us!). 

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