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12/03 Moss Art Frame

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Before ReRoot was a plant shop we created immersive moss art installations and have since created numerous wall hangings throughout our years of experience; this will be the very first time we've ever taught this wonderful craft! The best part?? Your piece will look incredibly real but will be 100% maintenance-free! That's right, the moss is 100% preserved which means no humidity or watering required.

We start with multiple types of preserved moss and an 11 x 17 blank frame, the rest is up to you! This will be a fun evening of creative planty goodness and we cannot wait to chat moss and create something that will last for years to come! 

All materials will be included plus bevs :)

All classes are held at the ReRoot Studio which is located in RINO (this is not our brick and mortar location but it's nearby!), address and more info will be disclosed in a separate email one day prior to the class. Parking is available at this location. 

No refunds for no shows.