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3/16 DIY: Tamandama

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Y'all, we are so excited to offer our very first Tamandama workshop! Tamandama refers to multiple plants grown in a ball of moss, inspired by our friend @atelir_te in instagram. Tamandama is a concept similar to kokedama, a japanese bonsai technique, a fun and interesting way to display and cultivate plants! 

In this hands-on workshop we will cover the proper care of a Tamandama, the different ways you can display your creation and of course, all materials and instruction to craft your own! 

image courtesy of: @atelir_te

All classes are held at the ReRoot Studio which is located in RINO (this is not our brick and mortar location but it's nearby!), address and more info will be disclosed in a separate email one day prior to the class. Parking is available at this location. 

No refunds for no shows.