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Hoya Wyettii
Hoya Wyettii

We are big time hoya lovers over here! This cultivar has beautiful deep colored margins and gets purple if given direct sunlight. A great hanging plant for many types of plant parents, these ladies are great communicators... when their mature leaves go soft- it's time to water. Give your hoya leaves a feel and see what we mean! 

*non toxic*

Care tips:
-The brightest spot without much direct sun is ideal.  
-Only water when soil is totally dry and mature leaves have gone slightly soft.
-These ladies do not like temperature change, watch for drafty windows and heat/ac vents.
-Hoya are not fond of repotting, sometimes it can be perfectly fine to leave them in their plastic nursery pots for quite some time. When you do repot, use a coarse, porous soil medium. 

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