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Live Terrarium Moss

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We are excited to offer a pack of 5-7 of the best terrarium moss species! These are easy to grow in any terrariums and each have different color, texture and growth habits. These are shipped dry, simply moisten with water and they are ready to use! 
Please keep these in indirect light fast-growing moss, growing slower in darker areas.

Kits may include: 
  • Campylopus pilifer, Stiff Swan-neck Moss - A cushion moss that grows to max 5cm.
  • Leucobryum glaucum - commonly known pin cushion moss, pillow moss, or cushion moss.
  • Dicranum mood moss - It's a perfect moss for almost every project
  • Thuidium Delicatulum - Thuidium Fern Moss is an enchanting and easy-to-grow Tree moss
  • Thamnobryum alopecurum - Fox-tail Feather moss is about the largest of our tree-like mosses (3–6 cm tall)
  • Red stemmed moss Rhytidiadelphus loreus 
  • Hylocomium splendens - just stunning and easy to grow
  • Fissidens bryoides - This is a truly diverse moss who is easy to grow and will grow/spread as both an upright living wall moss and a carpeting moss