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Mini Marimo

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We love Marimo! Marimo are actually not moss but a type of spherical algae that originates from rivers and lakes in Japan. They get their round shape by being tumbled  along the rocks and grow very very slowly. The largest can grow to be baseball size!! 

Our nano sized marimo are roughly 1/4" in size and live in these cute pocket sized homes complete with assorted rainbow crystal chips. Vials are 2.5" in height and are the perfect lil desk buddy! 

Marimo Care:
-Keep out of direct sunlight! Bright filtered light is fine
-Keep out of excessive heat! Your marimo will die.
-Change water with cold, filtered H20 every two-ish weeks! 

Your marimo friend may need a home upgrade in a year or two, perfect for aquatic gardens, fish tanks and more! 

Our marimo come from a trusted local source and have been through many months of quarantine to ensure no zebra mussel infection! We take this very seriously and encourage discarded water be fed to plants.