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Marimo Moss Friends
Marimo Moss FriendsMarimo Moss Friends

Marimo Moss Balls are one of our favorite plants we carry. An aquatic friend that is sure to be a conversation starter!

Give your Marimo a home via glass container, rocks, crystal, the options are limitless! 

-These little guys cannot tolerate direct sun so they're perfect as a desk buddy, nightstand, kitchen counter, that little nook on your bookshelf...
-Change the water using cold, filtered water every so often and that's it! 
-Your Marimo will enjoy a little swish in it's container every once in a while to maintain its round shape. 

Easy and extra adorable, the perfect plant pal. 

Q: will my Marimo grow?
A: YES! Although they grow very slowly and usually grow only a few centimeters a year. 

Mini marimo are about 1/4"-3/4" inches wide. About the size of a dime. 
Medium marimo are about 1"-3" inches wide. A little larger than a quarter. 

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