How we are handling this uncertain time...

The COVID-19 has effected many individuals, families and businesses in an unexpected and adverse way. None of us were prepared for an undertaking such as this and with the amount of uncertainty for the future, our anxiety and stress levels are high. Here at ReRoot, we are digging deep to find new and creative ways to continue to support our employees and community.

We are also taking this time to slow down and connect deeper with our plants and find solace in nature. Our plants offer support, comfort and remind us how to be resilient and we encourage all of you at home, to do the same. 

We are adding new products daily to our online shop so check back soon or tune in to our instagram for updates. Currently we are only allowing for curbside pick-up and Denver delivery, we apologize for any inconvenience. We cannot thank you enough for your support. We are here for you, we are in this together.