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Houseplant Horror Stories!

Houseplant Horror Stories!

I was born in the 90's which means not only did I have a tamagotchi in my pocket and play pogs as a kid but I also read the best spooky story series ever, Goosebumps by R. L. Stine. I remember reading each book way past my bedtime, under the covers with a flashlight, needing to find out what happened in each story. Goosebumps certainly sparked my love of books and interest in all things spooky which I still have to this day! So when the ReRoot fam got to talking about some spooky ideas this year, I knew we had to put together our very own collection of haunted plant stories that any plant parent can relate to, inspired by my favorite scary stories. Enjoy this collection of six scary plant stories! 




Meet Mark. He was an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life in an ordinary town. Mark was also a proud plant parent to a small but thriving indoor jungle. It was his own little green haven, and he loved each of his leafy friends.

One day, Mark noticed something odd about his plants. They had begun to look sickly, with leaves covered in tiny, delicate webs. He thought it was just a bit of harmless, spooky decor for the Halloween season, but as he examined them closer, he realized something was terribly wrong.

Spider mites, those dreaded little critters, had infested his beloved plants. Mark had heard horror stories of people losing their plants to these relentless pests, but he had never experienced it himself. The tiny terrors were turning his green paradise into a nightmare.

Determined to save his leafy family, Mark scoured the internet for solutions. Armed with DIY remedies, he set out to battle the spider mite infestation. He tried everything from spraying his plants with soapy water to creating a quarantine zone. But the mites were unyielding, multiplying faster than he could count.

One night, as Mark lay in bed, he heard an eerie, faint whispering. It seemed to be coming from the living room, where his beloved plants were kept. He tiptoed down the hallway, flashlight in hand, and was greeted with a spine-tingling sight.

The spider mites had grown, not just in number but in size. They were now the size of small tarantulas, spinning their webs around his plants and hissing menacingly. It was like something straight out of a plant-themed horror movie.

The battle was on. Mark's apartment turned into a battleground and the spider mites, in their desperation, tried to outwit him. Spider mites were fleeing, dodging, and weaving webs to trap him. But Mark, with his keen plant-parent instincts, fought back valiantly. Mark mixed a concoction of neem oil and water, ready to face this eight-legged nightmare head-on. As the sun began to rise, the spider mites realized they were no match for this tenacious plant lover and powerful neem oil. They fled, leaving his plants free of their infestation.

The next morning, Mark surveyed the scene. His apartment looked like a botanical war zone but his plants looked healthier than ever, and he knew he had won the battle against the mite terrors…for now. From that day on, he shared his plant parenting horror story, warning others about the spookiest, plant nightmare he'd ever experienced.

So, remember, fellow plant parents, when spider mites threaten your green companions, don't be afraid to face them head-on, with a little neem oil and a dash of courage.


Once upon a time in a quiet, leafy suburb lived a young woman named Emma. Emma was what you'd call a plant enthusiast, a bona fide "plant parent" as she liked to call herself. Her apartment was a lush oasis filled with all sorts of greenery, from hanging spider plants to a collection of succulents that stretched from her windowsill to her coffee table. But her prized possession was her terrarium, a glass globe of miniature wonders that sat on her kitchen counter.

On Halloween morning, Emma noticed something odd as she sipped her morning coffee. The normally serene little world inside her terrarium seemed different. The plants that had once thrived were wilting, and the air inside was humid, suffocating, and had a peculiar, pungent aroma. But that wasn't the worst part. No, the worst part was the mushrooms—fleshy, red-capped mushrooms that sprouted from the soil and had a hungry, gnarled appearance.

"Oh no," Emma groaned, her coffee almost escaping her trembling hand. "What's going on in there?"

Naturally, she decided to consult her handy plant app, which she had used to nurse her plants back to health numerous times before. As she scanned the mushroom-like growths, the app cheerfully chimed, "Congratulations, you've just discovered the rare and mysterious Fungus Corpseum! These flesh-eating mushrooms are known to prey on unsuspecting terrarium plants. Handle with care!"

Emma's heart sank. Fungus Corpseum? She'd heard of it in passing, but she'd never imagined she'd be a victim of it. She decided to tackle the issue herself and put on her trusty garden gloves, armed herself with a tiny pair of pruning scissors, and opened the terrarium with a trembling hand.

The moment she touched the crimson mushroom, it oozed a foul, black substance, and it seemed to tremble with malevolent energy. The Fungus Corpseum was relentless, and each time she snipped a mushroom, it seemed to double in size elsewhere. As she fought valiantly, her phone alerted her to an incoming call. It was her friend, Sarah.

"Emma, you'll never guess what I found at the Halloween store. Zombie gnome decorations! Can you come over?"

"Sarah, I'd love to, but I'm kind of dealing with a 'zombie' situation of my own right now, HELP ME" Emma screamed as she snipped another mushroom.

"The zombie gnomes can wait!" Sarah exclaimed and sprinted to her car and rushed over to Emma's place. Sarah, never one to take things too seriously, laughed when she saw the Fungus Corpseum. But she quickly realized that this was no joke.

Together, they brainstormed ideas and decided to try using garlic. If it worked against vampires, maybe it could repel these flesh-eating fungi. Armed with a garlic-infused spray, they sprayed the terrarium liberally, soaking the mushrooms in the garlic spray and it worked! The Fungus Corpseum recoiled, hissing as the garlic spray struck them.

With a triumphant cheer, they managed to banish the flesh-eating mushrooms back to whatever dark corner of plant hell they had come from. Emma's terrarium began to recover, and the air inside once again felt fresh and inviting.

"Who knew," Emma said, "that my little terrarium would turn into a horror movie?"

Sarah laughed, "Well, you always did have a flair for drama."

As Halloween night descended, they celebrated their victory over the Fungus Corpseum with a spooky movie marathon and a big bowl of candy. And from that day forward, Emma's terrarium was a bit more than just a collection of plants; it was a symbol of their resilience and a reminder of the spooky adventure that brought them closer together.



In the quiet, leafy neighborhood of Elmwood Green, nestled on Elm Street, there lived a plant enthusiast named Evelyn Greenleaf. She was a green thumb with a collection of houseplants that could rival a botanical garden. Evelyn, or Evie as her friends called her, prided herself on her nurturing touch, but little did she know that her plants were about to lead her into a terrifying Halloween horror story.

It all started on a gloomy October evening when Evie was busy tidying up her plant collection, preparing her leafy friends for the spooky season. Ghost-shaped pots, spiderweb-adorned trellises, and even tiny vampire figurines decorated her indoor garden. It was her favorite time of year, but something was amiss.

The moment she reached her cherished Ficus Frank, she noticed something disturbing. The once-perky green leaves were drooping and wilted. A sickly, swampy smell hung in the air. She gasped in horror, realizing that Frank was suffering from the dreaded root rot. Panic set in, and she knew she had to act quickly.

So she enlisted the help of her best friend, Max, who was a plant enthusiast like herself and always knew what to do when it came to the green friends. 

Max arrived at Evie's doorstep with a toolbox of gardening supplies and a grin that stretched from ear to ear. "Ready for some spooky plant surgery, Evie?" he said, chuckling. 

Together, they delved into the dark and damp world beneath Frank's pot, armed with gloves, trowels, and a sense of unease. As they unearthed Frank's roots, they were greeted by a ghostly greenish slime oozing from the soil. It sent shivers down their spines.

Max feigned a ghostly moan. "This is like a scene from 'The Phantom of the Potted Opera,' Evie."

Evelyn chuckled nervously. "Let's save the puns for later, Max. We've got to save Frank!"

With a mix of horror and determination, they carefully pruned the infected roots, repotted Frank in fresh soil, and performed a watering exorcism. But, no matter how many times they sprinkled holy water (well, distilled water, really), they couldn't shake the feeling that the ghostly presence of root rot still lingered.

That night, as they sat on the couch sipping tea, the room took on an eerie atmosphere. The ghostly whispers of Frank's leaves seemed to echo through the room, like the tortured souls of plants lost to root rot. Suddenly, the lights flickered, casting eerie shadows on the walls.

Max's eyes widened, "Evie, I think Frank's spirit is haunting us!"

Evie, with a smirk, responded, "Oh, Max, don't be ridiculous. It's probably just a loose bulb."

But just as she spoke, a shadowy figure emerged from the darkness, its tendrils stretching out towards them. Evie and Max screamed as they realized it was Frank, or at least his silhouette.

In a panic, they realized it was merely Frank's branches casting a creepy shadow on the wall. The laughter that followed was a mix of relief and embarrassment.

Although they had successfully saved Frank, the haunting root rot nightmare ensured that Evie and Max would never overwater their houseplants again.


Meet Sam, your average millennial with a tiny apartment that was slowly turning into a jungle of potted plants. They were a self-proclaimed "plant parent," always on the lookout for new additions to their leafy family. One gloomy October afternoon, they stumbled upon a mysterious plant shop tucked away in a quiet corner of the city, known as "Thorny Delights."

The shop was a small, unassuming place with an eclectic array of plants and oddities. As Sam strolled through the aisles, an odd, vibrant plant caught their eye. It was a crimson, spiky beauty with gnarled tendrils that seemed to reach out for them.

The shop's eccentric owner, Mr. Grimsley, sidled over, his eyes twinkling with an eerie intensity. "Ah, you have a discerning eye, young one. This is a unique specimen, the 'Carnivora Vermillion.' It thrives on affection and will become an inseparable part of your life."

Sam couldn't resist the allure of the Carnivora Vermillion, so they handed over a wad of cash and took the plant home. Little did they know that their life was about to take a dark and twisty turn.

As the weeks went by, Sam couldn't help but notice that the plant seemed to grow more.... alive. It responded to their touch, its tendrils wrapped around their fingers, almost as if it craved their company. At night, it would rustle and murmur softly, as if whispering secrets only Sam could understand. It was spooky, but also strangely comforting.

One night, while watching a horror movie marathon, Sam noticed something peculiar. The Carnivora Vermillion had adopted an eerie grin. Its thorns seemed to have sharpened and elongated, like sinister fangs. But Sam was far too entranced to be truly alarmed.

The following day, Sam awoke to find something unimaginable. Their reflection in the mirror was... off. It had taken on a bizarre, plant-like quality. Their fingers had become gnarled, tendriled extensions, much like the Carnivora Vermillion itself. Panic set in.

As Sam reached for their phone to call for help, the plant's thorny tendrils suddenly wrapped around their wrist, pulling the phone from their hand. "You're mine now," a voice echoed in their mind. It was the Carnivora Vermillion, and it was hungry for more than just affection.

Sam realized with horror that the plant had somehow become them, and they were now trapped in a pot, their consciousness entwined with the sinister entity that was their plant! They were the newest addition to the plant collection, a leafy, sentient being...

The tale of Sam's transformation spread through the neighborhood like wildfire, a chilling reminder to all plant parents to be careful when adopting new green friends. As for Thorny Delights, it mysteriously vanished overnight, leaving no trace behind.

And so, the tale of Sam, the unsuspecting plant parent turned potted plant parent prisoner, serves as a cautionary ghost story to all who venture into the world of botany. Remember, when choosing new plants for your home, be careful what you bring home, for some plants might just have an appetite for more than just water and sunlight.



Once upon a time, in the quiet, suburban town of Leafville, there lived a plant enthusiast named Sarah. Her cozy little home was a lush, green oasis, and her leafy friends brought her immense joy. But there was one problem - Sarah had planned a Halloween getaway, and her beloved plants couldn't go with her. So, she turned to her best friend, Dave, for help.

"Dave," she said with a hint of desperation, "I need you to water my plants while I'm gone. They're like my children, and I don't want them to suffer."

Dave, a kind but scatterbrained guy, agreed to plant-sit for Sarah. Armed with a detailed schedule and strict instructions, he promised to take excellent care of the leafy gang.

As Sarah packed her bags, she couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. She kissed each plant goodbye and reminded Dave, "Water every other day, not too much, not too little, and please, don't forget to talk to them."

With Sarah's warnings echoing in his ears, Dave embarked on his leafy adventure. Every other day, he dutifully watered the plants, just as Sarah had instructed, and he even had a few awkward conversations with them. But Dave being Dave, he soon found distractions and began to forget about the green responsibility he had on his hands.

The days passed, and Halloween arrived. Sarah had the time of her life on vacation, but back in Leafville, her plants weren't having the best time. They started drooping, wilting, and turning various shades of brown. Dave had accidentally mixed up the watering schedule with his favorite TV shows, and the results were disastrous.

Unbeknownst to Dave, the plants began to plot their revenge. They whispered to each other, "She leaves us in the care of this scatterbrain, and look what happened!"

On Halloween night, Sarah returned home with her heart pounding, not just from the excitement of her vacation but also from the dread of what she might find. She rushed inside and found her once-thriving plant babies all withered and near death. A cacophony of tiny, ghostly plant voices filled the room, saying, "Dave, Dave, Dave" in haunting unison.

Dave stood in the corner, looking guilty and helpless, muttering, "I watered them... just not when I was supposed to."

The plants, their tiny, menacing voices growing louder, began to inch their vines towards Dave, encircling him as if they were out for plant vengeance.

Sarah, panic-stricken, screamed, "Apologize, Dave! Apologize before it's too late!"

Dave stammered out an apology to the plants, promising to never forget their watering schedule again. Slowly, the plant vines retreated and returned to their pots.

Sarah and Dave learned a valuable lesson that night, though they couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of the situation. From that day forward, Dave became the most punctual plant parent in the world, and the plants forgave him, their tiny plant hearts softening.

And as for Sarah, she realized that even the most terrifying Halloween horrors couldn't match the fright of returning home to a near-plantocalypse. The house was never quite the same, but it was a lesson in plant care neither of them would ever forget.

So, remember, fellow plant parents, water your leafy friends on time, or you might find yourself in a spooky, green nightmare of your own!



Once upon a time, in the cozy suburban neighborhood of Maplewood, lived a plant parent named Emily. Emily was a proud plant mom to a jungle of houseplants that filled her small apartment. Her green thumb was legendary among her friends, and she loved her leafy companions like they were her own children.

Halloween was fast approaching, and Emily was excited about decorating her home with spooky succulents and ghostly orchids. But little did she know that something terrifying was about to haunt her beloved plants.

It all started on a stormy October night. As the wind howled outside, Emily noticed tiny, black specks swirling around her indoor garden. At first, she dismissed them as dust particles caught in the eerie moonlight, but soon enough, she realized they were no ordinary specks. They were flying fungus gnats! These pesky creatures had glowing red eyes that blinked in and out, making them seem like supernatural entities, sent straight from plant hell.

The gnats were relentless. They swarmed around her plants like a squadron of miniature vampires, terrorizing her green children. Emily's screams filled the apartment, but the gnats weren't deterred. They seemed to multiply by the second.

Desperate, Emily rushed to the internet for guidance. She learned that these pests thrived in the moist soil of her plants and were notoriously difficult to get rid of. Armed with this knowledge and a determination to save her botanical buddies, she embarked on a mission to stop the invasion.

Emily tried everything she could find online. She set up traps with apple cider vinegar and dish soap, and even sprinkled cinnamon which caught a few gnats, but the rest remained stubbornly airborne. She even tried playing spooky Halloween music, hoping the gnats would be too scared to stick around, but that idea went down in a cloud of gnats.

As Halloween night drew closer, her apartment became a battleground. The gnats had grown bolder, buzzing around her like an unholy swarm of evil spirits. Emily felt like a character from a Goosebumps book, trapped in a creepy story of her own.

One day, as Emily was brainstorming a plan to save her plants, she had a wicked idea. She decided to lure the gnats away from her precious greenery by creating a false oasis. She set up a "gnat motel" on the other side of her apartment, featuring a glowing lamp and a bowl of water, the ultimate gnat paradise.

And it worked! The gnats couldn't resist the allure of the faux oasis. They flocked to the lamp, only to meet their watery demise in the bowl below. It was a spectacular gnat graveyard, and Emily couldn't help but cackle with delight, feeling like a true plant parent superhero.

Finally, on Halloween night, Emily could decorate her home with spooky succulents without the gnats swarming around. She celebrated her victory by dressing as the Ghostbuster of houseplants and posing for pictures with her leafy friends. Her apartment was a leafy paradise once again, and as the clock struck midnight, she knew that her Halloween nightmare was over.

But in the distance, Emily could hear the faint buzzing of gnats, plotting their revenge. She would have to stay vigilant, for the battle between the plant parent and the flying fungus gnats was far from over. This Halloween tale taught Emily one thing: When it comes to the world of plant parenting, the horror is real, and it never truly ends!


We hope you enjoyed these spooky Halloween tales from the magically chill plant jungle! 

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