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Capricorn Crystal Kit by Spirit Daughter

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Crystal magic and plant magic are a match made in heaven! 
We love to adorn our plants with crystals by placing them directly on top of the soil, displayed around or next to our plants or charge the water with the crystals energy. Each crystal has a specific meaning that can help you AND your plants during Capricorn season or anytime you need a lil guidance. 

Capricorn kit includes:

Fluorite: focus and clearing, pair this up with your plant who just went through a bit of trauma or is battling a pest problem
Garnet: balancing
Bloodstone: enhance motivation and revitalize stuck energy, perfect for plant needing a lil growth boost
Hematite: Grounding
Malachite: transforms negative energy

Crystal kits are from our friends at Spirit Daughter.
All stones are tumbled and will vary. 

*Part of our Capricorn Plant Parent Gift Guide 

Crystal photo by SD
Illustrations by Becca Reitz