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Capricorn Plant Combo

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Capricorns love being at home, consistency and chill vibes which is why we chose the reliable (and forever gorgeous) Ficus Elastica "Burgundy". A true OG when it comes to houseplants and a perfect gift for Capricorns or anyone needing a reliable houseplant. 

Capricorn Plant Combo includes:
-4" Ficus Elastica Plant 
-Custom Capricorn Concrete Planter exclusively made for ReRoot by Aura Planters, a Denver local artist. Each planter may vary as it is a handmade item, comes with drainage hole and saucer. 
-Ficus Elastica Care Guide

Available for local pickup or shipping (plants come with free heat pack during colder months, if it's too cold to ship, we will reach out!). Plants will *not* be planted in planter. 

SAVE by purchasing the combo, products available separately 

*Part of our Capricorn Plant Parent Gift Guide