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Peperomia Plant Box

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Each month we feature a different plant family to not only get you some cute new plant swag, but, to provide all the tools you need to become the neighborhood plant-expert. For the month of March, we’ve got Peperomia, an amazing and abundant plant family! 

We love this plant for it’s dynamic species that include just about every color of the rainbow and species that require lots of different home environments so there’s definitely a plant for everyone! This is the ultimate plant nerd gift for yourself or a friend! 

This months box is *PICKUP ONLY* 
Expected pickup date: March 30th*

Peperomia Box includes:

-4” Peperomia plant friend (this will be random!)

-2” Peperomia Argerya aka Peperomia “Watermelon”

-4” Cute cache planter (the same one in the illustration!)

-Small bag of Peperomia soil to repot your babes when they are ready

-Complete printed care guide 

-11x17 Peperomia Leaf Identification Poster

-Peperomia sticker pack (includes 4 Pep leaves from poster and 1 bonus sticker)

Valued at $85! 

Limited supply available. Some products are exclusive to this box and not available to purchase separately. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!