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Each month we will feature a different plant family to not only get you some cute new plant swag, but, to provide all the tools you need to become the Syngonium plant groupie. Next month, we will feature Sansevieria!

We love Syngonium for their daddy going care and STUNNING foliage variety! Did we mention ease of care? These babes a flexible in their lighting needs which make them perfect for any home. This is the ultimate plant nerd gift for yourself or a friend! 

This months box is available for shipping or local pickup. Boxes are only sold online. 
Expected pickup date: September 24th

Syngonium Box includes:

-4” Syngonium Podophyllum “Neon Pink” or “Confetti” plant friend

-4” Cute pot with saucer, same planter as drawn! 

-Complete printed care guide (No more killing your Syngonium babe!)

-11x17 Syngonium Leaf Identification Poster

-Wooden poster hanger

-Small mix bag of RR Tropical soil

-Syngonium sticker pack 

Valued at $75! 
*we will contact you via text for pickup!

Some products are exclusive to this box and not available to purchase separately.